General Rental Criteria

Rental History

  • No Forcible Entry and Detainer (evictions) due to property damage, unpaid rent, drug use, or any criminal activity by the resident will not be accepted under any circumstance.
  • Any eviction, filed or granted, within the past 3 years is grounds for automatic denial.
  • No history of any damage to the residence, or an outstanding balance due to a previous landlord.
  • Any monies owed to a previous property management company or landlord must be paid in full & a receipt presented.
  • No rental history will require a qualified co-signer, who must apply and meet our criteria, with enough verifiable income to cover their living responsibilities and the rental income qualifications, have a good credit history, and sign the lease.
  • Any monies owed for past utilities are grounds for automatic denial; if paid, receipt of payment is required.

Income Qualification

  • A minimum of 3 times gross rent. 
  • Minimum 1 year employment required.
  • Employment/income must be verifiable by the property manager.

Criminal Background

Residency may be denied due to criminal history.

Automatic Denial (if committed in the past 5 years)

  • First or Second-Degree Murder.
  • First through Third Degree Assault.
  • Sexual Misconduct.
  • No Domestic Violence Convictions.
  • Registered Sex Offender.
  • Arson.
  • Harassment and Stalking.
  • A Conviction in another jurisdiction that would be a violation of the above crimes.
  • Second Degree Manslaughter.
  • Criminal Vehicular Homicide or Injury.
  • Simple or Aggravated battery.
  • Any Felony Drug or Narcotics Convictions.
  • False Imprisonment.
  • Any weapons charge or failure to carry without a permit.
  • Felony Theft.
  • Felony Forgery.
  • Felony DUI.
  • Felony Burglary.
  • Terrorist Threats.
  • Felony Controlled Substance.
  • An attempt to commit one of the above crimes.
  • A Conviction in another jurisdiction that would be a violation of the above crimes.

Including but not limited to the above.

Credit History*

  • No missed utility payments.
  • No missed Vehicle payments – or Vehicle Repossessions.
  • 500< = Automatic Denial.

*If no credit history is verifiable then a co-signer is required.


If a Co-signer is required the Co-signer must meet the following requirements:

  • Co-signer must complete the application and pay the application fee.
  • Must meet all the same requirements as the applicant.
  • Verifiable income of at least 4.5 times the rental amount.

Pet Policy

  • Pets Allowed depending on jurisdiction/breed restrictions.
  • $250 Non-Refundable Pet Fee required.

    Service or Companion Animals

    • Service or companion animals will always be accepted, provided documentation is submitted. A pet deposit will not be charged for a service or companion animal.

    Avalon Realty follows the Federal Fair Housing Act. It is illegal to discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.